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The Crane “Adorable” Humidifier features designs that are modern and appeal to children, such as Oscar the Owl and Timmy the Tiger. These very cleverly release mist from their ears. Ultrasonic humidifiers differ from those that produce steam because they make use of an ultrasonic frequency that disperses water into the air. These humidifiers work very well to alleviate, dry skin, sinus irritation, dry coughs and sooth nasal dryness by effectively hydrating the air. Crane humidifier parts work silently and for this reason they are especially effective in small bedrooms and will not disturb light sleepers.



Crane Humidifier Parts, Using Your Humidifier


The humidifier is usually set up at night and is left running until well into the morning. It will give you over twelve hours on a single tank. It is real simple to set up and a “quick start” guide is included in the box. You are able to use it within minutes after bringing it home. Watching the Crane product video is highly recommended for a great introduction to your humidifier.

crane humidifier parts 


This humidifier does not require a filter unless your water is either very hard or full of minerals. You can consider getting a filter if you see a white mist coming from your humidifier. Do not use essential oils in your humidifier as these oils will begin breaking down the Crane humidifier parts. This may ruin your device.

The term ultrasonic means that the cool mist from the humidifier is produced through the use of ultrasonic vibration.


crane humidifier partsSome humidifiers use steam or evaporation to humidify. There is a slight risk associated with the use of a steam humidifier and it should be placed out of reach of children if you want to avoid burn injuries. It is vitally important to keep your ultrasonic humidifier properly cleaned, especially since the water in it is not boiled.



Energy and Water Use


These humidifiers require far less energy than the standard light bulb, only 32 watts will make it run. The amount of water they require is dependent on what the output is set on. This amount can vary. If it is set on a high level it may need to be refilled at least once a day and low level settings may mean the water will last for several days.


best air purifier for pet odorsIn most models it is the head of the animal figure that is the water reservoir. This inverts and can be easily filled in the bathroom sink or under the faucet. Although there appears to be no fill line you should be conservative with the water filling process in order to prevent the bottom water basin from overflowing, since the head has been replaced. Crane humidifier parts can save on your bills and improve your home environment.


Make sure you carefully dry the water reservoir once you have refilled it so that there is no dripping when it is placed back into the bottom of the humidifier. Ensuring that your humidifier is always placed on a water-safe surface is always best. Do no place it on a towel or carpeted surface as this may block the fan at the bottom of the humidifier. Keeping it away from a metallic surface is also advised to maintain safety.


Children often play with their humidifier and run the risk of choking on small parts. Crane humidifier parts are not so small that they are unsafe for a child.


best air purifier for pet odorsThis unit cannot easily be misused as it has only a single knob to control the produced mist amount. It is very safe for children as they have no moving parts exposed. When the water in the tank gets too low the safety sensor will automatically shut the humidifier off.

crane humidifier parts



Top Reasons to use a humidifier:


There are several reasons why you may find you need to use a humidifier. You can find them listed below.


Humidifiers are able to relieve the symptoms of allergies and asthma.


Humidifiers help cure dry coughs


Humidifiers help in the prevention of bloody noses


Humidifiers help with the de-congestion of nose and sinus


best air purifier for petsHumidifiers soothe your lips and dry skin


Humidifiers add moisture to the dry air


At least a few of these reasons must resound with your household.


Cleaning and Maintenance



Daily Cleaning


what is a air purifierYou need to take one minute every day to empty the water tank and basin. If you open it and let it dry out

completely, you can wipe it out with a paper towel. If you do not clean it out each day you will get a build up of bacteria which you do not want. This cleaning takes less than a minute.



Weekly Cleaning


Your weekly clean is just as simple as the daily one. Give your humidifier a weekly clean by filling the tank halfway with water and adding two tablespoons of white vinegar solution for about 20 minutes. Allow the water basin to soak in a water solution of two tablespoons of vinegar without submerging. Rinse both and allow them to air dry. It only takes a few minutes and will remain clean for up to a week.





what is a air purifierResearch and reviews show that this humidifier has given excellent results which you will notice after at least two weeks. It is especially effective for adults and even more so for babies that suffer from ongoing skin conditions. If you do not use your humidifier for one night you will notice the difference in your skin condition. Before purchasing your humidifier you need to know what type of warranty is included and whether you are required to retain your proof of purchase slip for the warranty to be valid. Crane USA’s has eighteen super adorable little animals to choose from that will get your kids excited.


If you feel that you may require a humidifier to moisten or soften the air in your home, you should not hesitate to purchase yours today. You get to choose from a large available range and are sure to find a humidifier that is suitable for your home. Because this humidifier is best suited to smaller rooms you may want to consider the purchase of more than one to place in different rooms.